Development of a Pediatric Simulation Using Peer Mentoring Between Junior and Senior Undergraduate and Advanced Practice Nursing Students

The process of developing an intraprofessional pediatric simulation in pre-licensure bachelor’s (BSN) and advanced practice (APN) nursing students will be presented. The purpose of the pediatric simulation project was to utilize peer-mentoring to foster self-efficacy with junior and senior level BSN and APN students. The experience consisted of four high fidelity simulation experiences, senior led skills practice incorporating the Assessment Technology Institute, LLC © (ATI) Skills modules, and senior led clinical reasoning with ATI Real Life Scenarios. The high fidelity simulations included peer evaluation with the Creighton Competency Evaluation Instrument © (CCEI). The APN student led two post-simulation debriefings. Peer learning strategies and expected outcomes in the intraprofessional pediatric simulation will be discussed.