ATI Post Graduation Solutions: Capstone Content Review, Virtual-ATI and Live Review

This session will provide a quick overview and implementation support for ATI’s “Post-Grad Trifecta” of resources designed to prepare your students for comprehensive end-of-program review leading directly into the homestretch of NCLEX preparation.

The session will focus on methods of integration to promote student and program success using ATI Capstone Content Review, ATI NCLEX Live Review, and Virtual-ATI™ NCLEX Review.

In preparation for the session, we ask attendees to become familiar with basic product features utilizing the reference materials and orientation videos found on the attached documents, “Additional Resources for ATI Capstone and Virtual ATI” and “Sample Live Review Format”.  This will allow the session to focus on assisting nurse educators with details of integration.

We ask attendees to take the attached short quiz in order to arrive at the session armed with basic knowledge to build upon during the session learning activities. Please print your completed quiz and bring to the session for a chance to win drawings for door prizes!

Attendees are encouraged to print the provided additional resource materials for use during the session PRN.