Contact Hour Evaluations

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Access the evaluation and certification portal by clicking here or visiting the link found in the Summit Attendee Hub.

2. Create a secure account by following the on-screen instructions for “New Users.” Please note: You will need to create a new account for Summit 2023, even if you have attended past Summits.
The system requires your first name, last name, and email address. However, we will need your
professional information as well for accreditation purposes.

3. After logging into the “Tasks” listing, please complete the task “Select Sessions Attended.”
This is where you will select any sessions that you attended to fill out the associated
evaluation. You may continue to add sessions that you attend and evaluate them as you go
through the Summit.

4. Proceed to complete all of your breakout session evaluations.

5. Proceed to “Complete ATI Summit Overall General Evaluation.”

6. Access “Print/download the Certificate of Attendance.”

Please note that the evaluation window has been extended past the posted June 30, 2022 deadline. If you have questions, please contact Survey Magnet’s Technical Support.