Yoga – Balance by Bri

Yoga – Balance by Bri

Bri Blackwell

Bri Blackwell, Health Coach and Fitness Instructor 

Bri Blackwell, owner of Balance by Bri, is a certified health coach and trained fitness instructor. She loves to energize and motivate you in whatever she is doing. Whether with her health coaching clients, her students in class or through leading teacher training. She is sure to keep you moving and feeling your best before, during and after each workout.

Yoga: Wake up and join Bri Blackwell in a 30-minute, all-level yoga flow class! During this class, I will break down the poses and guide you through this breath-to-movement class.

Sculpt: Please join Bri Blackwell in a 30-minute, full-body, bodyweight workout for any fitness level. With a combination of yoga, core training and cardio, this class is sure to get your heart rate up, hit all major muscle groups and energize you before starting your day.