Using ATI Data to Make Informed Decisions

Using ATI Data to Make Informed Decisions

In this session we will discuss current research examining the use of ATI products and their impact on student, faculty and nursing program outcomes. For example, we will discuss the atiSECURED research study evaluating the score comparability between traditional computer based testing and iPad testing across a variety of different item types. We will also discuss research examining the impact of using the ATI Complete Partnership package on student, faculty and nursing program outcomes. As well as other current research such as Next Generation NCLEX to inform product usage and making decisions about student nursing competency.

Ye Lin, PhD

Ye Lin, PhD, received her doctorate in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Iowa in 2018. She uses a variety of statistical and measurement models to conduct research in the fields of nursing education and K-12 education. She also leads psychometric discussions about product development design including equating, guiding learning product instructional designs, simulation scenario scoring, and scoring development of complex item types. Her research projects include investigating multidimensional item response theory, innovative item scoring, mode and device comparability, structural equation modeling, and computer adaptive testing. She has also served as a reviewer for professional conferences to assess the quality of research in psychometrics and provide feedbacks.

Tony Juve, PhD

Tony Juve earned his PhD in educational psychology with an emphasis on measurement, assessment and statistics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He joined the ATI Psychometrics team in 2008 and currently conducts research to support the technical integrity of Ascend Learning assessment products. Tony also teaches statistics in the graduate program at Mid America Nazarene University. In his free time he enjoys painting and fly fishing. His published work includes: Juve, T., Sommer, S., Kane, J., Grinyer, J. (2018). Use of the ATI Testing Policy and Its Impact on Nursing Program Outcomes. Leawood, KS: ATI Nursing. Juve, T., Kane, J., Grinyer, J., Sommer, S. (2017). ATI’s Product Use Case Study: Using educational nursing products to achieve strong outcomes. Leawood, KS: ATI Nursing. Wolkowitz, A., Juve, J. A., Scaruto, M., & Barnes, J. (2010). Learning strategies: Your guide to classroom and test-taking success. Leawood, KS: ATI Nursing. Juve, J. A. (2008). Testing and assessment. In S. F. Davis and W. Buskist (Eds.), 21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook (pp. 383-391). London: Sage. Juve, J. A. (2006). Test construction. In S. F. Davis and W. Buskist (Eds.), Handbook of the teaching of psychology (pp. 247-253). Boston: Blackwell Publishing. Juve, J. A. (2005). An Introduction to Statistics and Research Methods: Becoming a Psychological Detective. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.