The Scrambled Classroom: Embracing the Best of Both Traditional and Flipped Classrooms

The Scrambled Classroom: Embracing the Best of Both Traditional and Flipped Classrooms

This presentation will provide attendees options in regard to how classroom sessions can be structured that enhance student learning and efficiently use valuable class time. The pros and cons of the traditional lecture-based classroom and the flipped crass classroom will be discussed and then compared to the scrambled classroom which is a complementary blend of both. The presenter will provide attendees with the opportunity to practice applying the principles of the scrambled classroom to a personal or simulated class session. Please bring an outline of the topic you would like to edit during this session if you would like to participate using your own materials.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Compare the pros and cons of the traditional and flipped classroom.
  2. Analyze principles behind the Scrambled Classroom and the steps and strategies used to create one.
  3. Demonstrate how lecture bursts and active strategies can be used in a complementary manner using a simulated class lesson plan.

Karin K. Roberts, PhD, RN, CNE

Dr. Karin Roberts has had a long and varied career that evolved in a parallel manner to changes in nursing education. She holds a PhD in Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction and holds associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees in nursing. She currently holds the rank of Professor at Research College of Nursing in Kansas City, Missouri and works as a part time consultant for ATI after serving as the Director of Consultation Services for several years. Dr. Roberts enjoyed working at Research College of Nursing for 31 years prior to her 10 year tenure at ATI. She has returned to RCoN to continue doing what she is loves, teaching and is the new Coordinator of the Nurse Educator Track in the RCoN graduate program. Dr. Roberts has presented at many local, regional, national and international conferences and has published in several peer-reviewed nursing journals over the course of her career. As a consultant, Dr. Roberts has assisted many schools in converting to a concept-based curriculum with a focus on integration of active learning strategies and conceptual learning. She is a co-author of “Concept-Based Curricula: A National Study of Critical Concepts” published in Nurse Educator in the Jan/Feb, 2019 issue. Additional publications focus on web-based learning, accelerated nursing programs for second degree students, and transitioning clinical adjunct faculty into a novice academic role after being an expert clinician. Her presentation “Scrambling the Active Learning Classroom: Achieving Balance between Lecture and Flipping” was well received by large audiences at the 2018 NLN Summit as well as the 2017 and 2018 ATI Summits. She continues to update this strategy, with current literature, for new and experienced educators.