The Hiring Is Done! Now What Happens? The Onboarding of New Faculty in Schools of Nursing

The Hiring Is Done! Now What Happens? The Onboarding of New Faculty in Schools of Nursing

The nursing faculty shortage continues to affect enrollment practices in schools of nursing across the country. Faculty aging and retirement, lower faculty salaries, and demand for master’s and doctoral preparation are all contributing factors to the shortage (AACN, 2017). As new faculty members are hired, a critical component to help alleviate this overarching shortage is their onboarding and retention. Preparing faculty for the world of academia and the responsibilities of the faculty role often is left to chance. Because many faculty have little or no formal preparation for the role, a comprehensive, carefully organized orientation program is essential to provide a foundation for success and to convey the school’s commitment to helping new faculty be effective and enculturated.

Session Objectives
Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of successful faculty onboarding and retention
  • Discuss the importance of a structured orientation program for new faculty
  • Explore ways to develop/enhance one’s orientation program
  • Propose concrete solutions to successfully orienting new faculty.

Beth Phillips

Beth Cusatis Phillips, PhD, RN, CNE, is an Associate Professor and the Interim Director of the Institute for Educational Excellence at Duke University School of Nursing. Dr. Phillips has taught at the community college and university levels since 1996. Her area of research is on clinical decision making in undergraduate nursing students. Other interests are faculty development, including clinical instruction, preparing novice educators, teaching strategies that improve nursing education, and preparing educators for the unknown future of nursing education.