Strategies and Tools to Teach the Gen Z Student

Strategies and Tools to Teach the Gen Z Student

Gen Z students are beginning to enter the college classroom. Born between 1996 and 2012, technology has always been a part of their daily lives. Students born in this generation value immersive learning experiences, multiple ways of knowing, and the integration of technology into the classroom. Educators may be able to meet the learning needs of these students through educational technology tools and active learning strategies. This presentation will explore ideas, techniques, and educational technology tools to engage Gen Z students.

Session Objectives
Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain defining characteristics of Gen Z students
  • Create interactive lesson plans to teach nursing concepts
  • Provide an example of an electronic tool that supports interactive learning.

Kelley Connor

Kelley Connor, PhD., RN, CHSE, is a self-proclaimed innovator and technophile. She is an associate professor at Boise State University School of Nursing where she teaches maternity, informatics, and simulation educator courses. In all her courses, she uses educational technology options to create opportunities for students to apply concepts and improve content retention. Her research interests include simulation, virtual reality, mHealth options, and educational gaming. Dr. Connor has been an active member of the simulation team at Boise State since 2006. She has helped develop and implement simulations in nursing fundamentals, maternity, and interprofessional capstone courses. She has served as a simulation faculty mentor and been on the team that secured accreditation of the simulation center through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. In addition, she helped develop and currently teaches in Boise State’s simulation educator certificate program. She has worked in partnerships to develop and implement innovative virtual-reality experiences for student learning using Second Life, 3D Gamelab, and Oculus Rift. She has served on the editorial board for vSim maternity and as a content developer for vSim Fundamentals. Dr. Connor is an enthusiastic educator who enjoys sharing her love of technology with students and educators alike.