Preparing Data for and Interpreting Item Analysis

Preparing Data for and Interpreting Item Analysis

The purpose of this activity is to enable the learner to learn how to use item analysis data to refine the quality of faculty written items for classroom tests. Additionally, participants will learn a method to structure single response (e.g. multiple choice, hotspot) and multiple response (e.g. ordered response, multiple select) data for an item analysis process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn what item and option statistics can be calculated, how to interpret the statistics to evaluate item performance, and how item statistics and class size (sampling) impact the reliability estimates for exams.
  • Participants will learn how to organize item data for single-select, numeric-response, ordered-response, and multiple-select items for an item analysis of all item types.
  • Participants will take part in presenter-guided item review meetings using their own exam data or example data to learn how to update items based upon item and option statistics.

Lingyun Gao, PhD

Dr. Lingyun Gao is Manager of Applied Sciences at Ascend Learning. She received MEd in assessment and evaluation from Queen’s University in Canada, and PhD in measurement, evaluation, and cognition from University of Alberta in Canada. Over the last decade, she has led psychometric and research activities for a variety of customized and catalog assessment programs, and have presented and published extensively at national and international conferences and journals.

Christine M. Mills, Ph.D

Dr. Christine Mills has worked in the field of psychometrics for 16 years. Currently, she is the Director of Research and Applied Psychometrics for Ascend Learning. She is passionate about working with clients to help them understand the processes for building products and assessments so clients have the information they need to make valid inferences based upon the scores they receive.

Lois Churchill, MN, RN

Lois Churchill, MN, RN has served as Nursing Education Specialist for Ascend Learning since 2008. One of her major responsibilities at Ascend Learning is to write and review items for ATI Nursing Assessments. She has also served in a leading role to update many of the ATI learning tools, including the RN and PN Review Modules, Dosage Calculation, and Pharmacology Made Easy. Lois was the director of the Hutchinson Community College associate degree nursing program in Hutchinson, Kansas and director of the Johnson County Community College practical nursing program in Overland Park, Kansas. Additionally, she worked for the Iowa Department of Public Health where she served as the associate director of nursing practice for the Iowa Board of Nursing and as the Bureau Chief for Professional Licensure. Lois is a volunteer for the Johnson County Community College literacy program where she works with the English as a Second Language Program

Pamela Roland, MSN, MBA, RN

Pamela Roland MSN, MBA, RN Pamela started her nursing career as a staff nurse on an inpatient pediatric floor caring for children from all around the world who had a wide range of diseases. Continuing her career at a well-known Midwest hospital, Pamela started working outpatient in a specialized pediatric clinic where she could focus more on her favorite part of nursing, teaching. While working in the clinic setting, Pamela also worked for a pediatric home health agency caring for children and families in their home for varies medical needs. Pamela advanced her career by accepting a position at a private college to teach in the ASN and BSN nursing programs. Pamela obtained her MSN in 2007 and has over five years of experience teaching nursing students didactically and clinically. While managing the nursing lab, Pamela received a postgraduate certification in simulation education. She developed many simulations and educational sessions for the students across the curriculum. Pamela joined the ATI content team in 2011 as a Nursing Education Specialist. In 2014, Pamela was promoted to Manager, Nurse Educator and currently manages a team of five content experts while continuing to develop content for ATI assessments and products. In 2017, Pamela graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a MBA.