Global Health Nursing from Three Perspectives

Global Health Nursing from Three Perspectives

This panel discussion will share unique firsthand perspectives of global health nursing from the faculty, student, and staff nurse role. Each panel member will share personal stories and photos that highlight their experiences, the benefits, and challenges that accompany global health, and the process of setting up and maintaining these partnerships. This panel will illuminate the advantages of global health experiences for every nurse.

Ann “Michelle” Hartman, DNP, RN, CPNP

Michelle Hartman, DNP, RN, CPNP is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean, ABSN Program at Duke University School of Nursing. Her global nursing experiences have spanned over 20 years and include the roles of graduate student, Clinical Instructor, and faculty. She has had the fortunate opportunity to supervise students in community health nursing and service-learning experiences in Honduras, China, and Tanzania.

Hilary J. Kuhl, RN BSN

Hilary Kuhl, RN, BSN began her career in a level one mixed Intensive Care Unit. Alongside her nursing degree she has received training in global health, community development, counseling, and assessment training. She has experience in both hospital, community, prison, homeless, urban, and rural-remote settings. The majority of her experience comes from 6 years of global health nursing where she volunteered for a non-profit serving in: New Zealand, Vanuatu, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, and Tanzania. Through her time of service she carried roles in: leadership, facilitation, administration, education ranging from medical professionals to the oral learner, and preventative and curative care. This work was done in conjunction with international and interdisciplinary teams. During Covid-19 Hilary took on a role of facilitating an Australian crisis program to prevent the breakdown of families, specifically in areas of domestic violence, mental illness, the chronically ill, and those challenged by substance abuse. Her experience has equipped her to care for all persons across the life span in a multitude of cultures and locations. She believes that this is key for providing holistic and person centered care.

Kursten Patrick, RN, BSN

Kursten Patrick, RN, BSN is a transplant and dialsyis nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Kursten graduated from the Buntain College of Nursing in 2020. The capstone project of the Buntain College of Nursing is an international nursing experience, where she was able to travel to and practice nursing in Kazakhstan, one of 8 different countries students were sent to, for the month of February 2020. Kursten states that this was the highlight of her nursing school experience and crucial to enhancing her understanding of different cultural practices as well as broadening her scope of how nursing is practiced around the world.