• Explore strategies and best practices in simulation that promotes student development.
  • Explore strategies to promote professional development of the nurse educator, dean and director.
  • Examine how program assessment and evaluation creates quality by design.
  • Explore learning strategies and evaluation methods in nursing education that maximize student learning and improve program outcomes.
  • Participate in networking, information exchange and discussion of issues relevant to nursing education and student outcomes.
Time Session Location
7:30am-8:30am Preconference Breakfast
8:30am-11:30am Advancing Nursing Excellence: An AACN Essentials CBE Workshop
8:45am-9:45am ATI Preconference Session 1
APEA’s Model for Success
Building a Better RN to BSN Program with ATI
Optimizing the “Trifecta” for the Success of Students NCLEX Prep: ATI Capstone, Virtual-ATI, Live Review
Retain and Excel: Empowering Students for Academic Achievement Using ATI Resources
Teaching Clinical Judgment in the Classroom: Utilizing ATI to Bridge the Academic-Practice Gap
10:00am-11:30am ATI Preconference Session 2
An Active Learning ATI Mini Bootcamp: Come join the fun with Us!
ATI Solutions to increase cultural diversity in nursing programs: Strategies to retain EAL students
Best Practices Using ATI Data in Program Evaluation
Using the Engage Series and EHR Tutor to Improve Clinical Informatics Competence
Using ATI Analytics To Improve Student Outcomes
11:30am-12:30pm Preconference Lunch
12:45pm-3:45pm Advancing Nursing Excellence: An AACN Essentials CBE Workshop
12:45pm-1:45pm ATI Preconference Session 3
Are your seniors ready?​ Preparing for NCLEX Success and Practice Readiness using ATI’s “Trifecta”
Engaging with DEIB: Promoting Equity in Learning Products
Harnessing the Power of Program Manager for Program Evaluation and Accreditation Management
Maximizing EHR Tutor: Turning learning outcomes into memorable experiences.
2:00pm-3:00pm ATI Preconference Session 4
ATI Live Review + Self Care: The Ultimate NCLEX Preparation Experience
Bridging the gap: Correlation between 3P Competency and Predictor Exams
Developing Intrinsic Motivation to Improve Student Outcomes
Promoting Success and Equity in Underrepresented Students through Targeted Remediation
The Engage Series: Scaffolding Objectives for Student Success
3:15pm-4:45pm ATI Preconference Session 5
A New Direction for Custom Assessment Builder (CAB)
Calling all Educators: Come and Learn with ATI
Creating An Interactive Learning Environment Through Active Strategy Application
Using ATI Assessment Data to Guide Remediation Strategies for Effective NCLEX Preparation
Using ATI Products to Scramble Your Class
7:00pm-9:00pm Welcome Reception